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spreading good vibes
spreading good vibes

spreading good vibes

sound bath 

As a difficult year was winding down, we decided to have an intimate outdoor event in Malibu for some of our closest friends. We wanted something that would lift spirits and also foster grounding during a time of much uncertainty. Lynette Toma and Marcy Tishk led a beautiful sound bath and yoga experience overlooking the Pacific Ocean, where we could all relax, unwind, and receive. Everyone was blissed out and grateful to share a special moment with new and old friends, and like-minded beings. And this got us thinking, that while there is only so much we can physically do, there is much we can energetically do for one another. And so our full moon series was born. Our gift to you and to the world is a monthly virtual breathwork and meditation session via Instagram Live, led by Bianca Connolly and Anastasia. We will be offering these 30 minute resets monthly on the full moon, as a way to take in and share good energy and get us ready for the next celestial cycle. Join our mailing list to make sure you know when they’re taking place. We hope to see you there!


If you’d like to plan a private soundbath/yoga experience, please contact:

Lynette (IG: southbaysoundbath T: 248-884-3924) or,
Marcy (IG: yoga4lifemt T: 310-482-9580).

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