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Creators of artisan made capes, wraps, and accessories crafted from the finest Italian cashmere. Based in California with an appreciation and dedication to European sensibilities and workmanship.

Read All About It : FORBES
Read All About It : FORBES

Read All About It : FORBES

 Check out our Paris Fashion Week Pop Up featured in Forbes. 

 Kyle Roderick 

While Paris Fashion Week is a high point in the haute couture and ready-to-wear clothing calendars, it’s also a sparkling spectacle for leading-edge jewelry stars like Los Angeles-based Roseark. Having presented such trend-setting designers like Karma El Khalil, Hanut Singh and others at Paris Fashion Week for the past 20 years, Roseark is now presenting a carefully curated embodiment of L.A. style that combines love of the Natural world with the power of glamour. For fall Paris Fashion Week 2022, Roseark returns this autumn with Roseark x One Moon Cashmere. This pop-up is located inside the Ritz Paris Hotel at Galerie du Ritz, 15 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris.

This writer sat down with Roseark’s co-owner Kathy Rose to survey the work of 14 designers who will be showing at the collaborative fine jewelry pop-up that’s open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. September 28 to October 14. “Roseark presents an artistically varied range of designers from Los Angeles and from around the world,” Kathy Rose explains. “The cosmopolitan elegance of the Ritz Paris makes a superb setting for the jewels and jewel-toned cashmere wraps that we are showing.”

One Moon Cashmere and Kathy Rose are presenting 18-karat gold, crescent moon-shaped, feather-motif pendant necklaces and matching, 18-karat gold huggie earrings from their design collaboration. To complement the jewels, they are also showing jewel-toned cashmere wraps. The Jackie emerald green wrap features slinky silk fringe, and the vibrant fuchsia Mulholland wrap is reminiscent of a candy-colored tourmaline. Beautifully colored and graphically spotted, One Moon Cashmere’s leopard wrap is inspired by the orbicular patterns of leopard skin jasper, also known as leopard jasper. This seems quite fitting given that the word jasper is derived from the Greek word iaspi, which means “spotted stone.” Based in Malibu, One Moon Cashmere’s Tara Kohlberg and Joshua Klein are planning more jewelry collaborations with Kathy Rose for 2023.

One of the most intriguing designers on view at this pop-up is India-based Hanut Singh, whose dreamy, timeless; cross cultural style embodies Art Déco silhouettes, traditional Sikh motifs, Indian architecture and Western imagery such as that found on playing cards. Some of the pieces that Singh is presenting include 18-karat yellow gold and black enamel chandelier earrings that are set with emeralds, rubies and diamonds.” The kinetic danglers swing and sway with a graceful chic.Also on view are Singh’s 18-karat gold Playing Card necklaces picturing the Ace of Spades and Ace of Diamonds in white enamel, rubies and diamonds. All of Sikh’s jewels are made in India.

The 18-karat gold collection of New York and Beirut-based Karma El Khaliljewels gleams with a classically styled array of rings, earrings and necklaces. These are formed with the sculptural grace, symmetrical sensuality textures and polish that are El Khalil’s hallmarks. Worn by LaVerne Cox, Miley Cyrus, Madonna and other notables, Karma El Khalil jewels radiate a smart, subtle glamour.

Los Angeles-based Jaine K. Designs is inspired by the textures and shapes that animate Nature. Her organically sculpted yet sophisticated-looking jewels are made by hand with the lost wax process. Jaine K. brings a panoply of distinctive pinkie rings and Roman coin necklaces, all in 14-karat gold, to Roseark x One Moon Cashmere at the Ritz.

Also headquartered in Los Angeles, Yakira Rona unveils her holiday 2022 offerings. A designer whose 18-karat gold pieces embody sensual curves, Brutalist beauty and kinetic charm, Rona makes eye-catching and memorable designs. Her standouts at the Ritz include super-long, swinging red carpet statement earrings, soothing blue sapphire and emerald branch earrings plus branch rings.

When it comes to 18-karat gold cocktail rings, Los Angeles designer Perez Bitanis a master. Bitan’s treasures feature citrine, amethyst and tourmalines. Her kinetic spinning rings, set with black diamonds, are visually irresistible and audaciously playful.

House of RAVN is designed and fabricated in Los Angeles by Angela Kroeger, who learned how to be a silversmith from her grandmother and then went on to apprentice with other jewelers. As House of RAVN jewels are hand-carved, Rose explains, “Presenting the intricate Chess Collection during Paris Fashion Week is a great pleasure. The artistic detail and technical finesse that Kroeger brings to her equine-themed and other figurative jewels makes them visually compelling, chic heirlooms.”

As it happens, Kathy Rose, who designs jewelry for Roseark and co-owns the business with Rick Rose, is introducing an 18-karat gold series of eagle motif jewels during Paris Fashion Week. These figurative pieces sparkle with pink sapphires and pink diamonds. Rick Rose’s regal “Dozen roses” necklaces in 18-karat gold blooms with twelve charmingly detailed rose blossoms, plus matching rings. (Actor Katie Holmes wears a custom order “Dozen roses” necklace.)

While Roseark has long been promoting talismanic, protective jewels and poetic amulets that help reinforce personal purpose or aspirations, this year at Paris Fashion Week, its selection of yellow sapphire, moonstone and diamond-studded jewels from SOUNDBODY Studio is alive with inspiration information. For example, there are earrings that spell out the sacred, meditative Sanskrit word, OM in gemstones. All SOUNDBODY Studio jewels are made in France, and another of their bejeweled Om Mane Padme Hum Tibetan language necklace spells out “May you blossom into your highest self.” This prayer also is translated as, “The jewel is in the lotus,” which references how there is a jewel or unique spirit that dwells within each living creature. As Rose observes, “SOUNDBODY also has a fantastic Solar Plex necklace in 18-karat gold that is a very appealing design.”

Known for its high-quality colored gemstones and classic design aesthetic, New York-based Goshwara presents luxurious tassel necklaces in 18-karat gold that are variously set with emeralds, diamonds, moonstones or opals. All Goshwara jewels are made in New York by master artisans and designed by Sweta Jain.

Elegant and glossy black and white enameled rings and earrings by Dallas-based designer Tracee Nichols are sleek classics with an edgy twist. Her noble Roman coin necklaces and chunky, 14-karat gold-dipped curb link chains are also timeless in style and substance. Queen Vee’s dramatic, romantic and vibrant jewels manifest in 18-karat rose gold with white diamonds and 18-karat yellow gold with black diamonds. Her talismanic Virgin Mary rings can be ordered with either choice of diamond.

As Kathy Rose observes, “Roseark has always showcased an eclectic and elegant range of designs and we have been offering unisex jewelry for the 20 years we’ve been in business. Before such a term existed, we’ve always loved and presented jewelry that suits everyone, inside our store, on our website and during Paris Fashion Week. We are thrilled to be back this year in Paris, a discerning city of consummate style, art and spirit.”

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