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Creators of artisan made capes, wraps, and accessories crafted from the finest Italian cashmere. Based in California with an appreciation and dedication to European sensibilities and workmanship.

food on foot
food on foot

food on foot

Giving back. It’s a theme that runs through the very fiber of One Moon and our own personal lives. After many experiences volunteering with countless organizations, we found one that left us inspired. Food on Foot is an L.A.-based non-profit that provides nutritious meals, resources, and valuable skills to homeless citizens by helping them find (and keep) jobs and homes. What sets them apart is their ability and commitment to get people rehabilitated, off the street, and able to live full lives. 

This year, more than ever, has shown a great urgency to reach out and help our fellow humans. There is a growing need fueled by the pandemic, as many of these underprivileged people lost their jobs due to Covid. We’ve partnered with Food on Foot to support them in their good work and raise awareness and money to help find a solution to the homelessness problem. Our latest endeavor has been to donate survival gear to offer some respite for those living outside.

It is truly our privilege to be of support and count our blessings along the way. To learn more, please visit Food on Foot.

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