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Creators of artisan made capes, wraps, and accessories crafted from the finest Italian cashmere. Based in California with an appreciation and dedication to European sensibilities and workmanship.

one moon muses: kathy doyle
one moon muses: kathy doyle

one moon muses: kathy doyle

A spotlight Q&A series featuring beautiful people that inspire us. Kathy Doyle / Realtor / Malibu local 

kathy in the maxi scarf


How long have you called Malibu home?

11 wonderful years. I moved from Pacific Palisades and I could not believe I only had to drive 20 minutes up the PCH to have such a better life.

What's your favorite thing about living here?

Definitely the community of people. It truly has a small town vibe and it’s so wonderful to be able to experience all of the amazing, creative souls that live here.

What are your top local spots?

I love the action of the Malibu Pier and Cross Creek area, as well as Zuma’s stunning natural beauty. We are blessed to live in this nature sanctuary while still having fun restaurants and shopping nearby.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Bohemian luxury.

Tell us a little bit about how you're wearing your wrap today?

I live in my wrap. Not only is it so beautiful, it also gives me emotional comfort because of the warmth and luxurious fabric.

What do you love about One Moon? The designs are timeless yet truly original.

The quality is extraordinary and the intent of the company to give back makes life better for everyone. I love One Moon!!

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