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Creators of artisan made capes, wraps, and accessories crafted from the finest Italian cashmere. Based in California with an appreciation and dedication to European sensibilities and workmanship.

the story of cashmere
the story of cashmere

the story of cashmere

Premium materials. Quality craftsmanship. These standards are at the heart of what makes One Moon pieces truly luxurious. Cashmere is one of the world’s finest and rarest materials, and not all of it is created equal. Due to its expense, it is often blended with wool or other fibers, lowering its quality and changing the feel. That’s why we think it’s important to know where your cashmere comes from and how it’s being worked. 


All of our wraps, capes and scarves are made of the finest Italian cashmere, sourced from the under fleece of the Capra hircus goat. Since these fearless creatures live in the extreme weather conditions of Asia’s plateaus, nature has equipped them with a layer of delicate fleece beneath their outer coat to protect them from the bone-chilling temperatures. The goats lose this barrier layer when the weather begins to warm. It is then gently brushed from their coats, and collected. There is something quite incredible about the idea that the environmental hardship these animals endure makes way for such a soft, precious lining. And one we love so much! 


Once this beautiful material has been gathered and carefully treated, we employ the time-honored process of making our pieces on the loom – a true art form in itself. This original method honors the cashmere’s noble characteristics, working it delicately and personally, and bringing each individual piece to life with the utmost care. We love the romance, the depth and the history that these traditional techniques bestow onto our garments. In our view, if you’re going to invest in a piece you’ll have and cherish for a lifetime, it’s important that we invest the time, energy and expertise to make it exceptional and unique. 

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