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Food on Foot | Tent Distribution
Food on Foot | Tent Distribution

Food on Foot | Tent Distribution

As we march forward into spring, we want to share an update about our latest endeavor with Food on Foot. Some of our past blogs have mentioned our support of Food on Foot, and its mission to help feed and rehabilitate homeless residents in Los Angeles. But we want to bring to light another very important and deeply humane facet of what they do. In addition to hosting Sunday dinners that are open to everyone, and helping secure jobs and housing, they also go out into the community and find out what is most needed by those living on the street.



Every quarter they hold a fundraising drive to help supply these items. Sometimes it’s a new pair of shoes or clean clothes, but recently, the most pressing need has been for basic survival gear. Through our own giving efforts and the profits from our Apolis market bag sales, we’re excited to say that we were able to supply survival gear for Food on Foot to distribute to those who need it most. We’re honored to support this organization and our less fortunate citizens by helping address their most basic human needs. 

During our last visit, we had the privilege of speaking to Joan Howard, an employee of the organization who at one time was homeless. She does a great job of explaining what makes Food on Foot so special. We invite you to hear more about it in her words. 


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