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one moon muse: Malina Moye
one moon muse: Malina Moye

one moon muse: Malina Moye

A spotlight Q&A series featuring beautiful people that inspire us. Malina Moye / Musician 


We’re thrilled to have been able to spend the afternoon with the multi-faceted Malina Moye, singer-songwriter, lefty guitarist, model, actress, and entrepreneur. This woman has some serious talent, and sex appeal in spades. Here’s a little sneak peak into her rock’n’roll world. 


Describe your perfect day.

A perfect day is a nice 80-degree breeze, lunch at a restaurant with an ocean view, and great company.


When did you discover your musical talents?

I was born into a musical family and my mom would encourage anything my brothers and I wanted to do, especially when it came to music. I was emulating my mom at 3. She said I was always singing and dancing in their band.


Is there something that you wear on stage that brings out your inner bad ass?

I love anything sexy. I love the catsuits with one leg. Anything different—bold, loud, and sleek.



If you weren’t a rock star what would you be? 

Thank you! I would be the head of neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. I am so fascinated with the brain and how it works.


What other music/musicians inspire you? 

There are so many, but I love Prince, Tina Turner, Bruno Mars, Stevie Nicks, Jimi Hendrix, Green Day, Queen, all the Jacksons. Basically, anyone who expresses freedom, badassness, and who is un-apologetically themselves.


What’s your astrological sign and do you feel connected to its meaning?

I'm a Leo. And yes, because I hear that Leos are into bright colors, love to live life, are loyal and love anything regal.



What is your favorite memory of the moon?

Looking up and asking my mom if my grandma could see the same moon as me and my mom would say yes. I didn't believe her so I started asking about every actress and artist I could think of to see if it were true. I don’t know why but I always look up at the moon no matter where I am in the world and I think back to that time and smile. I smile because it’s true that we are all under the same moon.


What is your favorite cause/charity?

I have a foundation called the Drive Hope Foundation that fuels the passion of underserved youth and empowers those who possess the desire, yet lack the resources or access, to discover life and career opportunities in their community and throughout the world.


In honor of our country’s birthday, check out Malina’s electrifying performance of our national anthem. 

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