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Food on Foot | CITYPAK Project
Food on Foot | CITYPAK Project

Food on Foot | CITYPAK Project

We’re excited to share the latest initiative in our continued support of Food on Foot. As we’ve mentioned before, Food on Foot helps to feed and rehabilitate homeless residents in Los Angeles. In addition to their Sunday Suppers and dedicated program that helps secure jobs and housing for those in need, they also head out into the community to see which items would be most helpful and hold a fundraising drive every quarter to fill those needs. This month we were able to donate 300 CITYPAK backpacks to be distributed to those living on the streets.   

One Moon Founder, Tara Mercurio, distributing backpacks. 

CITYPAK Project is a wonderful organization that provides safe, useful and versatile backpacks uniquely designed to meet the changing needs of the homeless community. Their designs have been carefully thought out to protect from weather (they feature a built-in poncho!) and theft, while also distributing the weight of heavy loads. 



The idea that these people have to fit all of their earthly possessions into one small backpack is incredibly humbling to us. We’re happy to be able to help and hope that these backpacks will bring relief to those who need it. All proceeds from our Market Bags help us make these important donations possible. 

You can learn more and contribute to this noble cause by visiting CITYPAK.

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