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written in the stars
written in the stars

written in the stars

Astrology With Anastasia Alexandra

As a new year is underway, we took some time to speak with one of our favorite astrologers and spiritual guides, Anastasia Alexandra. Here’s what she had to say about astrology, readings and the year 2021.

Tell us a little bit about what you do?

I work as a quantum astrologist, meaning I use my physical body as a cosmic technology to download healing energy and information for my clients. I use the astrology chart like an isp address to hook into the client’s record in the Akashic field, this is not like reading a book but more like becoming an instrument played by Spirit.

What do you like most about astrology?

I love astrology because it gives us access to understanding who we are beyond superficial labels, while activating our intrinsic gifts through awareness.

Can you share a bit about your psychic gifts?

My gifts allow me to jump into anyone’s energy field who permits me to do so. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, meaning I can see, hear and feel past, present and future as well as experiencing another person’s perspective. I am physiologically designed to be a spiritual Bluetooth and I am accessing more skills as I go deeper into this lifetime.

Sun signs are commonly known, but what other aspects of astrology are important to familiarize ourselves with?

Sun signs, which most people have incorrect, are a small part of the chart. The key is to see the chart as a whole and realize we are all connected to every constellation, just like we are every color even though we may have favorites. It’s the big picture we seek with astrology—what is my purpose and what am I encountering now?

Is there any helpful information about 2021 you can share with us, cosmically speaking?

2021 is a very earth-based conservative year until the very end. Expect more military, government control programs, coupled with social discord, earth changes via natural disasters, and a global economic system proposed at some point. Lots of dense Capricorn energies taking us deep into the physical, material and illusionary world man has created. This year Pluto in Capricorn begins a two decade process of radical infrastructure remodeling—expect a push towards interstellar communication as well as travel through space as the theme of the decade.

What do you recommend for people who’d like to learn more about astrology?

To learn astrology, start with the tree of life linking tarot, astrology and Kabbalah—it is the building block of life. And only use sidereal data, the tropical system we find in magazines is not. Look to your telescope app to know where the sun is and you can see how inaccurate the western system is. You will find the Sun in Capricorn ♑  when we are saying it’s Aquarius season. And look for my book coming out this year as well.

Can you walk us through what a reading with you is like?

A reading with me is very much customized to the client. They each receive a huge energy shift of sorts, because I serve as an amplifier to assist people in moving forward faster and cutting away the rubbish that is no longer needed. I rarely remember a reading and the words are truly for the listener, but I am gifted with lessons from every soul I work with. And my clients all usually say “wow that’s a lot of information,” especially the first time we work together. It’s like getting an upgrade on your self-perspective which provides clarity and energy.

Any other guidance you’d like to share?

Everything is energy, meditate, eat vegan, practice being kind to yourself and listen to the deep stillness of the universe.

To learn more about Anastasia or book a session, you can connect with her on Instagram @astrostasia or visit her website:

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