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Creators of artisan made capes, wraps, and accessories crafted from the finest Italian cashmere. Based in California with an appreciation and dedication to European sensibilities and workmanship.

Monthly Muse : Kristian Nairn
Monthly Muse : Kristian Nairn

Monthly Muse : Kristian Nairn

This month we are honored to bring you a Q&A with one of our favorite actors and musicians.  We had a spectacular Irving Penn inspired photoshoot with Kristian and One Moon's founder, Tara Mercurio.  

From his Game of Thrones fame to his DJ career, we loved getting to know Kristian Nairn and know you will too!


What inspired you to create your own jewelry line?

As a performer I wear a lot of jewelry and whilst I love what other designers do ‘what can be better than creating exactly what you want ‘?



What is your favorite creative outlet?

Performing Live music .. Nothing else compares to that. 


Where is your favorite place in the world and why?

Home.. Isn’t that the way it should be ?


Have you ever kept any wardrobe from any characters that you played and if yes, what?

Hard NO



What is your favorite thing about LA and California in general?

The Diversity and acceptance .. anything goes, and for a creep like me, that’s amazing.


Do you have any rituals that you do before you perform?

 I need time alone.. A little chat to myself and my guides.



What do you miss from your homeland?

Sense of humor and the weather.. I like a bit of rain every now and then. 

I like old things.. I miss the castles and stone walls ... I miss my family and old friends. 


 On left, Irving Penn's iconic 1947 photograph of explorer Peter Freuchen and his wife, Dagmar.  On right, Joshua Klein's interpretation of actor, designer, musician, Kristian Nairn and One Moon founder, Tara Mercurio.  

Kristian is wrapped in the JAK blanket while Tara sport's the Stevie wrap in jet black.  





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