ONE MOON was born of a desire to help those in need.  
We believe warmth & comfort are not luxuries, but human necessities. 
As a small company we have shared the joy of giving through our partners in philanthropy.
With the growth of our company, so too will our ability to give.    
Storyteller Children's Center || Santa Barbara, CA:
In October 2013 we spent a wonderful day getting to know the children at Storytellers in Santa Barbara.  The proceeds from our sales allowed us to donate coats and shoes, but in truth the time we spent with them was priceless.
Storyteller Children's Center provides quality, tuition-free early childhood education for homeless and at-risk children in Santa Barbara County, as well as comprehensive support services for their families. 

Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) || Santa Monica, CA:

Our Thanksgiving luncheon at OPCC Santa Monica in 2012 turned into a spirited & spiritual celebration as we were joined by women who successful transitioned through the program into their own housing.   

The OPCC alumnae return to give hope and advice to those with a longer road ahead.

Ocean Park Community Center (OPCC) || Santa Monica, CA:
One of our first actions as a company!  We were able to present sleeping bags to the ladies drop-in women's shelter in Santa Monica, CA.  It was a rewarding and inspirational way to inaugurate our new company.  Here's to many more!