Happy Monday: New pieces & Aspen Awesomeness

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Emily Steck

California Capelet in Black


[California Capelet in Black]

Guys!  Aspen was awesome.  Now…a timely three weeks later…I am here to give you the low down on what went down.  More importantly, I am going to debut our NEW PIECES beautifully captured by Joshua Klein, our Visual Director.  Today is just so great.  And it is above 60 degrees in NYC so I am as happy as can be! 


Aspen is full of beauty.  Beautiful food, beautiful homes, beautiful people, but the true star of the show: those mountains!  We were so taken with the epic natural landscape of Aspen that we used the mountains not only as inspiration, but also as a featured co-star in our shoot alongside the ever-lovely Jenn Kosinski.

Everything Wrap in Black[Everything Wrap in Black]

There was some pre-planning for our shoot, but much of it was the result of fate.  We arrived in Aspen on March 13th and spent the better part of our arrival day and the 14th scouting photo locations and getting our models runway ready.  The scouting turned out to be quite easy, as all we had to do was look up.  On our first glance upwards we found the mountains, on the second we found our spectacular hotel:  The Hotel Jerome!  To be honest, we are pretty in love with this hotel.  The staff, the décor, the food, the rooms – you name it.  We are ready to move in.  So Auberge Resorts, just let us know when there is a vacancy.  We will become the Eloise of Aspen.

California Capelet in Black[California Capelet in Black]

The 15th saw the beginning of our photoshoot and the conquering of our fears.  We enjoyed a nail-biting adventure up the mountain as our gondola stopped mid-trip and did some fancy (re: terrifying) swinging to-and-fro.  Thanks to Christine Morris-Assalone from Full Circle Aspen we were looking glam and used the gondola as our first shoot location.  We had a wonderful time shooting on the mountain and as opposed to boring you with my anecdotes I will let the work speak for itself: 

Military Cape in Grey Plaid [Military Cape in Grey Plaid]

Military Cape in Grey PlaidCalifornia Capelet in Black

[Military Cape in Grey Plaid & California Capelet in Black]

Military Cape in Grey Plaid

[Military Cape in Grey Plaid]

Hooded Wrap in Black with Python

[Hooded Wrap in Black with Python]

Hooded Wrap in Black with Python

[Hooded Wrap in Black with Python]

Military Cape in Grey

[Military Cape in Grey]

California Capelet in Black

[California Capelet in Black]

That evening our new One Moon pieces took center stage as our models walked the runway at the Caribou Club for Aspen International Fashion Week (yes, we went to Aspen for a reason, not just because we love Hotel Jerome so much).  The pieces looked spectacular and brought a sense pride to the whole One Moon team, from our workshop in New York to our headquarters in Los Angeles, it was a moment to bask in work hours well spent.   

Sadly, the next day we were homeward bound after an amazing trip, but not before we captured our new pieces sitting pretty in the Hotel Jerome and enjoyed a final meal at Casa Tua – the perfect end to a perfect trip. 

        Military Cape in Grey California Capelet in Plum[Military Cape in Grey & California Capelet in Plum]

California Capelet in Plum
[California Capelet in Plum]

Hooded Wrap in Black with PythonHooded Wrap in Black with Python

[Hooded Wrap in Black with Python]

Our new pieces, our Hooded Wrap and Military Cape, will be available for purchase soon, so please keep checking back for updates! 

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