The Superhero of NYFW

Posted on February 20, 2014 by Emily Steck

The fashionistas of New York Fashion Week amaze me.  Come hell or high water (Come frost bite or wintery mix is probably more accurate in this case), they never fail to look chic and unfazed by the elements.  I’d love to say I had a similar dedication to all things sartorial, but as a California girl residing on the east coast, my December-February fashion has one theme: warm, Warm, WARM.  Well, thanks to Fashion Week 2014 my ship has finally come in, in the guise of one particular trend:  The Cape.  The cape has arrived my friends and these aren’t your superhero standards.


Ralph Lauren (above) debuted exquisite chiffon evening capes and dramatically draped cashmere, as Carolina Herrera’s collection (not pictured) featured jewel-toned capes, enhanced with colorful leather and fur.



Derek Lim’s collection (top) featured expertly tailored capes with clean lines, while Donna Karen (bottom) opted for more dramatic off-the-shoulder capes with a warrior feel.     


On the more whimsical side, we saw Anna Sui (left) feature a delicately detailed knee-length cape in navy, while the unexpected duo of rapper Cam’ron and Mark McNairy (right) put a masculine twist on the cape with “Dipset USA” prints, faux fur, and flannel. 


However, this trend was making waves even before NYFW.  At the Golden Globes, both Amy Adams (in Versace) and Lupita Nyong’o (in Ralph Lauren) channeled the red carpet in fiery hued gowns featuring capes (we only wished Amy had kept hers on all night!) 

So why do we, and the fashion elite, love capes?  For all intents and purposes they are just well-cut quality fabric.  However, as you see in the looks featured on this page and website, the cape elevates an outfit from chic to dramatic, from barren to cozy.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am inclined to wander around in a sweatshirt more than I should. Whether it’s jeans and a T-shirt or a red carpet gown, a cape adds a bit of mystery, a bit of texture, and, practically speaking, a bit of warmth to any look.  Channel your favorite superhero, your inner warrior, your adventurous Snow White.  Toss on your cape and conquer the day as any Fashion Week sartorialist would: bravely. 


Ready to strap on that cape and take on the day?  Good.  Take a look around our website and decide which One Moon Cape suits you.  Personally, I'm an Everything Wrap girl, but to each her (or his!) own.  Make sure you have it by March 13th for our show at Aspen International Fashion Week!  If NYFW has taught us anything it's that a fashionista should never be caught with her cape down...


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