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Monthly Muse: Anastasia Alexandra
Monthly Muse: Anastasia Alexandra

Monthly Muse: Anastasia Alexandra

Monthly Muse: Anastasia Alexandra / Psychic Astrologist

A spotlight Q&A series featuring beautiful people that inspire us. 

Tell us a little bit about what you do?

I work as a psychic astrologist—I use the image and data from a snapshot of the moment of birth to access information for my clientele. We discuss everything from relationships and life purpose to spiritual ascension and creative manifestation. I am here as a guide to help souls find their truth and activate their power. 

How did you get into astrology?

I got into astrology at the age of sixteen when I had my chart professionally done for the first time and saw the esoteric symbols. It became an instant passion, as if I had no other choice but to make astrology my lifelong study.

Are there any insights you can give us about the rest of the year, cosmically-speaking?

The rest of 2022 finishes the Saturn in Capricorn 2.5 year cycle.  This should see brand new military, political and religious infrastructures put into place globally, and with Mars in Taurus the financial markets will be a main topic of interest.  We are heading towards a time of tremendous change, as technology becomes more advanced we must find ways to connect to nature.  With so many earth energies in play it’s vital to work on your physical health and well-being.  Use environment, nourishment and conscious movement to strengthen the physical body, and again connecting to oceans, trees, rivers and gardens are the best therapy for managing the earth changes taking place.

Is there a motto that you live by?

My motto is: Love first, last, always.

What’s your morning routine?

The morning routine starts with snuggling and awakening my chihuahua King Hopi, then preparing for our walk.  We spend an hour walking through the neighborhood taking in the energies of the day and listening for messages that come through.  Next we do breakfast: celery juice for me, a magic meatball for the King.  And then we take our first calls of the day :)

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is psychedelic funky bohemian with a touch of glam.

What’s the inspiration behind your amazing hair color?

My hair color is to remind me of the angelic realms where we live in a harmonic state of bliss.

What’s your favorite way to wear a One Moon wrap?

My favorite way to wear a One Moon wrap is around my shoulders, like getting a big hug from Tara the founder!


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